Lifting the Curse!

Hey all!

Here is an update on the progress of my new instrumental CD entitled "LIFTING THE CURSE".
First, I apologize for the lack of blog posts -I still have a pulse! I've been trying to stuff a 10lb summer in a 5lb bag. The result of all the extra work hours, education, and expense, will be a brand new instrumental CD that I am already extremely proud of. And the good news - it is FINISHED! There are a few technical things that need to happen in order to get it ready for distribution, so expect a release time around Halloween (?‍♂️ ooohhhh spooky!).

So far, I have 2 new music videos to promote the album, "The Earth is B Flat" is finished and will be ready for inter-galactic viewing on September 24th! If you want an advanced viewing (only available on Earth), just let me know and I'll send you the private link ?
The second video, "Circle of Sixes" is mostly filmed, and will be released soon after.  

Rock and/or Roll!


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