The Earth is B Flat!

Keep watching the skies, or my Youtube channel, because September 24/2019 (Earth date) I will be releasing my brand new music video for "THE EARTH IS B FLAT".
You will experience almost 3 minutes of the wackiness you…

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Lifting the Curse!

Hey all!

Here is an update on the progress of my new instrumental CD entitled "LIFTING THE CURSE".
First, I apologize for the lack of blog posts -I still have a pulse! I've been trying to stuff a…

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This time!

First, I have to say thanks for the support on my current (and debut) solo single, The only thing I hate is you. Likes, posts, shares, and purchases... It means everything to any musical artist working today, trust me…

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Life is a dirt road?

An interesting thing happened when I played one of my new songs for a few close friends. I was met with smiles, nods, thumbs up…. and raised eyebrows with a question or comment implying I’ve taken an entirely different musical

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Acoustical musings

We often hear songwriters say, if a song is good, it can be played on an acoustic guitar. While I think there may be some exceptions, I do believe there is some truth to the saying. 

I didn't even…

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