The Friday Special Blend on CKCU Ottawa

Tune into CKCU FM 93.1 in Ottawa Friday June 8th at 8am (the witching hour in Canada) where I will be a guest to discuss rock and roll and reptiles! Seriously (what else is there to talk about? Politics?!) 

This time!

First, I have to say thanks for the support on my current (and debut) solo single, The only thing I hate is you. Likes, posts, shares, and purchases... It means everything to any musical artist working today, trust me…

Life is a dirt road?

An interesting thing happened when I played one of my new songs for a few close friends. I was met with smiles, nods, thumbs up…. and raised eyebrows with a question or comment implying I’ve taken an entirely different musical

4 things in the music world we should stop saying:

Here are a handful of commonly used terms that don't sit well with me when used to describe music or musicians. What are your thoughts? What popular sayings grind your gears? :) 

Best Ever: 

I imagine this buzz…

Acoustical musings

We often hear songwriters say, if a song is good, it can be played on an acoustic guitar. While I think there may be some exceptions, I do believe there is some truth to the saying. 

I didn't even…