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Words and music, all instruments by Darren Michael Boyd.
Vocals by Mitch Foster


The only thing I hate is you

I get a chill when I think of us
I think of lies, I think of mistrust
I’ll admit this, if I must
I love to be used

I love being talked down to
Humiliation and silent treatment too
I love excuses and being accused
To be the object of your abuse

The attention is worth the hurt and…

And the only thing I hate is you

I feel special when you keep me home
You disappear and leave me alone
My friends don’t call because you broke my phone
I guess it’s for the best

I love the shame; it’s what I deserve
I keep the peace with you, because I have no nerve
I love crying myself to sleep
And questioning my worth

Suspicion leads to Isolation and…

And the only thing I hate is you

I won’t resist, so you win
I’ve grown devoted to the prison I’m in
It’s how I cope and it’s why I pretend
The fantasy is where this all ends

I’m unarmed but your weapon’s still drawn and…

The only thing I hate is you